We heard your feedback

That’s why we’re providing more training opportunities at Forward 2019! This year, we’re offering our Sign Builder 1 and Sign Builder 2 certification courses as well as our new Creative Builder certification course. These courses are designed to teach you the fundamentals required to build your digital signage infrastructure according to FWI’s creative, professional and technical best practices. You can choose between taking Sign Builder 1 or 2, or you can choose to be one of the first groups to take the new Creative Builder course.

FWI Creative Builder

Register for this course to get an introduction to Content Manager through the perspective of a designer. You’ll learn how to take a design from wireframe through breakdown to create a solution that’s optimized for our software.

Course topics include:

  • Design Software Best Practices

  • Breakdown and Handoff

  • Basic Content Manager Walkthrough

  • Introduction to Templates

  • Creating and Adding Content

  • Working with Live Data

  • Basic Interactivity

  • Advanced Feature Demo

And much more…

FWI Sign Builder I

Register for this course to take a deeper dive into Content Manager and learn the fundamentals you’ll need to get more out of your digital signage network.

Course topics include:

  • Content Manager Basics

  • Building Templates

  • Basic Live Data

  • Basic Interactivity and Triggers

  • Filtering

  • FWI Cloud

  • Content Manager Web

  • Deployment Behaviors

  • Tracking Content Plays

  • Basic Wayfinding

  • Content Manager Web Overview

And much more…

FWI Sign Builder II

Only available for people who have obtained a Sign Builder 1 certification prior to registration, this course explores the many advanced features in our platform.

Course topics include:

  • Advanced Interactivity

  • Scripting and Expressions

  • Conditions

  • Variables

  • Emergency Messaging

  • Advanced Live Data

  • Advanced Wayfinding and Turn by Turn Directions

  • Using Resource Files

  • JSON Tables

  • Using Joined Data Sets

  • Dynamic and Static Filtering

And much more…


Please Note: Due to the sequential nature of the certification process, Sign Builder 1 must completed prior to attending Sign Builder 2.