From arrival through departure, your time at Forward will be filled with networking events, insightful keynote presentations and informative breakout sessions.  Every aspect of this conference is designed to motivate, captivate and educate attendees. When Forward concludes on September 23, you’ll be walking away with the tools and knowledge base to advance and capitalize on your Visual Communications network.

We took inspiration from our customers, our employees and the thousands of installations we’ve done and we’ve set out to create an agenda that will leave attendees with new ideas, new friendships, and new partnerships to help make a difference.




SEPT 20-21st

Back by popular demand, we will again offer training before the Forward Conference kicks off. This year, we will be offering a number of different topics and you get to choose what is of the most importance to you!


SEPT 21st

We’ll kick things off with a welcome reception at FWI’s corporate headquarters on Wednesday evening. Mingle, enjoy a drink and get ready for a fantastic conference!


SEPT 22-23rd

Get in-depth knowledge from the innovators, thought leaders, and pioneers of Visual Communications! The General Session will take place on Thursday and Friday morning at The Denver Art Museum. Thursday afternoon’s breakout sessions will take place at The Art Hotel.


SEPT 22nd

By day, Colorado boasts 300 days of sunshine. By night, Denver is aglow in twinkling lights. Join us at The Fire Lounge and Terrace on Thursday evening for a party that is sure to impress!


Wednesday Sept 21

Forward Welcome Reception

Location: Four Winds Interactive Headquarters
Join us to kick off the 2016 Forward Conference at FWI's corporate headquarters. Enjoy drinks, heavy hors d'oeuvres and plenty of networking while touring the Workplace of the Future!

Thursday Sept 22

Breakfast at The Art Hotel

Welcome Address

Location: Denver Art Museum (Ponti Hall)
"Welcome to the 2016 Forward Conference!"

Marriott International, Inc
Bringing the Consumer Experience to life in Marriott Brands…..what is the BALANCE between technology and the Human Connection?

Location: Denver Art Museum (Ponti Hall)

Hear from the Global Brand Leaders on how Courtyard and SpringHill Suites continue to collaborate across digital platforms to enhance guest relationships!


The Orlando Magic
Beyond Basketball. The Orlando Magic Rethinks the Fan Experience.

Location: Denver Art Museum (Ponti Hall)
Hear from the Orlando Magic's David Storm on their Visual Communications transformation and how it has amplified the fan experience.


Google on Visual Communications

Location: Denver Art Museum (Ponti Hall)
With every new generation of technology, Visual Communications has become more powerful and true to reality. Hear Google's take on this transformation.

Morning Break

Wells Fargo
How Wells Fargo Created a Digital Experience for 6,300 locations

Location: Denver Art Museum (Ponti Hall)
Jason Carey from Wells Fargo Reveals How They Optimize the Digital Experience in 6,300 retail banking locations.

DAIMLER Trucks North America
Big Trucks. Big New HQ. Daimler Goes High-Tech on Swan Island.

Location: Denver Art Museum (Ponti Hall)
Learn from Daimler's Rod Flores as he shares the story behind the development of their new HQ on Oregon's Swan Island.

Wildlife Protection SOlutions
Connected Non-Profit: Saving Endangered Species from a Desktop

Hear how Wildlife Protection Solutions is catching poachers from half-way around the world through Visual Communications.

lunch at The Art Hotel



Driving performance with visual communications and salesforce

Location:  The Art Hotel (Salon 1)
FWI went from a 3-person team in a single office to a worldwide organization. Along the way, the company learned how to leverage Visual Communications to make their sales team far more efficient.


Kaiser Permanente
How to Successfully Use Visual Communications in the Workplace

Location:  The Art Hotel (Salon 2)
Hear how Kaiser Permanente has found success with an enterprise wide Visual Communications network that stays consistent throughout the patient and employee experience.


Four Winds IntEractive
The inside story of how fwi built the 2016 forward app

Location:  The Art Hotel (Salon 3)
Get the inside scoop on how Four Winds Interactive built the 2016 Forward Native App, using Content Manager. You’ll hear from Kelly, Director of UX & Apps, about the user experience and the overall design approach.  Zach, Application Services Manager, will then teach you how to build for mobile and things to consider along the way. Jai, Sr. Director of Software Development, will explain how Content Player for iOS and Android were white labeled for submission to the App Store.


Four winds interactive
"Forward Thinking" - Building Better LEaders & Gartner's Top technology trends for 2016

Location:  Four Winds Interactive (CEC)

Building Better Leaders - Leverage millennials personality traits of collaboration, thinking outside the box, social media and new technology to drive innovation and employee engagement. Gartner's Top Technology Trends for 2016 - We''ll identify the top technology trends and why they are important, but also how to ensure they are on your company’s roadmap. 


The Green Bay Packers go Digital to Connect With their fans

Location:  The Art Hotel (Salon 1)
Hear from Ryan Nowak, Technology Systems Engineer for the Green Bay Packers, on how he manages the digital signage, digital asset management, IPTV, A/V, and security surveillance systems for the NFL franchise.


St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
St. Jude Reveals Employee Communication Best Practices

Location:  The Art Hotel (Salon 2)
A Great patient experience starts with your employees. Hear how St. Jude Children's Research Hospital's focus on employee communication helps keep patients happy.

Making the Case: Why Every Company Needs In-House Design

Location:  The Art Hotel (Salon 3)

You don’t have to be a designer to appreciate and recognize good design. Learn how good design influences the products we use and why it should be a consideration for every company. We will explore perception versus reality in design and how that effects the products you create.

Four winds interactive
"Forward Thinking" - Workplace of the future & Craze vs. trend vs. new standard

Location:  Four Winds Interactive (CEC)

Workplace of the Future - What are some of the major trends in the new workplace of the future? Remote employees, cutting edge in-office technology, Visual Communications and open workspaces. Learn more about the transitions we'll likely experience. Craze vs. Trend vs. New Standard - How to differentiate an idea as a craze vs. a trend vs. new standard.



The preset group
Navigating the Next Generation of Visual Communications.

Location:  The Art Hotel (Salon 1)
Hear from industry expert, Dave Haynes, as he covers "What's Next?" in the world of Visual Communications.


MIddle Tennessee University
Managing a University’s Signage Network: Lessons Learned Along the Way

Location:  The Art Hotel (Salon 2)
What makes a university’s signage network successful? Hear how Middle Tennessee University found the recipe for success.


LG Electronics, Adaptive Displays and Samsung
Hardware Panel

Location:  The Art Hotel (Salon 3)
Direct View LED, OLED and Outdoor LED technology - what's all the hype about?


Four winds interactive
"Forward Thinking" - Artificial intelligence & The new work/life balance

Location:  Four Winds Interactive (CEC)

Artificial Intelligence - How can advances in AI impact how we design products based on consumer wants and expectations? The New Work / Life Balance - Employees seem to be constantly accessible. How can we balance the demands of work to ensure we're living a healthy, fulfilling life? 

Forward Afterparty at Fire Terrace in The Art Hotel

Friday Sept 23

BREAKFAST at the Art HOtel

Morning Welcome


Analyst Insight: Which Trends Should You Pay Attention To?

Location: Denver Art Museum (Ponti Hall)
Fresh off the release of InfoTech's latest Digital Signage Software Vendor Landscape, Gaming and Hospitality Practice Lead, Larry Fretz, will be discussing the latest trends and which ones you should actually pay attention to.


The Boeing Company
Boeing Reveals its Secret to Connecting the Global Workforce

Location: Denver Art Museum (Ponti Hall)
And you thought Boeing just made airplanes. See how Boeing uses Visual Communications to keep their far-flung teams connected and on point.


Smithsonian Institution
The Smithsonian "Broadens Access" by Improving the Visitor Experience

Location: Denver Art Museum (Ponti Hall)
Hear details on how the Smithsonian is using Visual Communications to accomplish one of its key priorities as an organization, “Broadening Access.”


Morning Break

Capitol music group
The Melding of Digital and Marketing

Location: Denver Art Museum (Ponti Hall)
Hear from Kate Denton. SVP of seventeenfifty, on the blending of corporate and consumerization.


Bank of america
Bank of America Focuses on Client Experience Across 1000+ Branches

Location: Denver Art Museum (Ponti Hall)
Hear from Bank of America's, Erika Makseyn on how Bank of America is working to make the client experience great in every branch.


EXperience Forward 2016