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Forward Welcome Reception

October 10 | 6-9pm

Join the other Forward attendees in kicking off the 2017 conference! The reception will take place at FWI’s corporate headquarters, and in addition to being immersed in the latest digital experiences, you’ll be able to nosh on irresistible hors d’oeuvres and craft beverages.


Forward Lounge

October 11 | 11am-5pm

The Forward Lounge will be your sanctuary, filled with snacks, beverages, comfy couches, a charging station and games. Stop by to recharge and refresh!  

Forward Afterparty

Forward Afterparty

October 11 | 6-9pm

Join us at the ART Hotel’s, Fire Lounge and Terrace. Celebrate a fantastic conference under the Denver sky while networking with hundreds of end-users. 


Wednesday, October 11


Welcome to forward 2017

David Levin - President/CEO, Four Winds Interactive



Kennedy Space Center's Master Plan for VIsual Communications

Therrin Protze - Chief Operating Officer, Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is where rockets launch and inspiration begins at Florida’s gateway to space.  Hear how they’re transforming the way they communicate with their guests and inspire minds through a memorable space experience. One small step in the wrong direction and you may miss out on an incredible adventure!



Integrated vs. Applied Digital in Space Design

Jeff Arko - Digital Experience Design at Gensler

The proliferation of digital solutions and awareness of possibilities continues to drive the ask for “more digital” in our spaces; both from the host and the visitor.  How can we accomplish the ask for more digital without compromising the design and aesthetics of our spaces?   




Brian Sodergren - Corporate Communications & Digital Signage Manager & Dominique Matonnier - Corporate Publishing Manager, Japan Tobacco International

The 27,000-strong workforce of Japan Tobacco International (JTI) operates in 120 countries around the world. Hear how JTI utilizes business TV as one of its internal communication channels to reach its global workforce, from the factory to the office – the right content at the right time is key!






Breakout Session #1


Vision: First steps to Building Your Plan

Norman Hulme - Senior Multimedia Manager, Emory University & David Poniatowski - Account Executive, Four Winds Interactive
Learn how Emory University researched Visual Communications to better understand the key considerations for a successful Visual Communications strategy.

ART Hotel


Executing: Mapping Your Implementation?

Mark Macaulay - Director of Corporate Relations, ClearChoice
Learn about basic implementation steps and see what a common timeline for project execution looks like.

Art hotel


Sustain & Grow: What does it take to Sustain & Grow?

Jennifer Endes - Internal Media Manager, Chumash Casino & Brendan Daly - VP of Customer Success, Four Winds Interactive
Once you’ve invested in a Visual Communications platform, what’s next? How do you ensure that you are continuing to maximize the return from this solution and be properly setup for life cycle improvements?

Art Hotel


Forward Thinking: Connected Living

Shaun Kennedy - SVP of Technology, Connected Living, Inc
The Mission of Connected Living® is to enhance the lives of seniors by empowering them to live a “Connected Life” with family, friends and community.  Hear how Sarah Hoit, CEO and Co-Founder, has made this mission a reality for thousands of seniors.



Transition to Lunch


Lunch at ART


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Breakout Session #2


Vision: Gaining Executive Buy-in and Demonstrating ROI

Lane Brannan - Chief Revenue Officer, Four Winds Interactive
Spend some time with FWI's Chief Revenue Officer to gain insights on how to approach your Visual Communications strategy with an eye towards achieving a return on your investment as a means to secure buy-in from your executive team.



Executing: Managing the Enterprise Visual Communications Network

Chris Keefe - VP Product, Four Winds Interactive
Learn how to take full advantage of the FWI platform—including how to set up your network to scale across multiple mediums. This session is more focused on the technical aspects.



Sustain & Grow: Keeping your content fresh and engaging

Kelly Byrom - Senior Director, Digital Experience and Kristy Alexander - Content Manager, Four Winds Interactive
Meet with experts from our Digital Experience and Visual Communications Management teams to learn strategies and best practices around managing your content. You’ll learn about the benefits of assigning content owners, creating a roadmap and determining appropriate update schedules.



UX Design Workshop

Brooke Webster - Designer and Charlie Donahue - Designer, Four Winds Interactive
In this session, members of the FWI Digital Experience team will share a high level overview of UX best practices and how to apply them in a design studio exercise to gain a better idea of the client perspective and direction.

FWI - Dali


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Breakout Session #3


Vision: Evolving the Culture You Want to Work In

Maggie Callahan - Account Executive and Tor Stenbakken - Organizational Effectiveness Leader, Four Winds Interactive

Culture is the crux of company growth and success. Whether it is the new hires you are recruiting, the high performing individuals you hope to retain, or the behavioral impact your organization strives to make, learn how visual communications can spearhead cultural change.



Executing: Best practices for mobile

Zach Sechler - Director, Application Services and Hali Young - Senior Sign Developer, Four Winds Interactive
Get a better understanding of what is possible with all of our mobile platforms and see the new functionality and feature parity built into our products. You’ll also learn what existing clients are doing for their employees and patrons.



Forward Thinking: Consumerization of Digital Spaces & Experiences

Jeff Arko - Digital Experience Design, Gensler

How have guest expectations changed related to the integration of digital within the EBC.  And what are we doing as service and experience providers to address those expectations.  When your iPhone can start your car, are we doing enough in our spaces to enable and support adoption of digital solutions, content, and experiences.



Workshop: Best Practices for Screen Placement

Joe Palomares - CAD Designer, Four Winds Interactive
Find out about the variety of factors involved in maximizing the impact of a Visual Communications network by optimizing screen placement.



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Breakout Session #4


Vision: How to ensure the right content mix?

Bryan Szabatura - Manager - Solutions Consulting, Four Winds Interactive
Learn three essential techniques to help you chose the right applications and create the ultimate content mix.



Executing: Implementation Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Steve Stavar - Digital Signage Specialist, West Virginia University
Find out about the top five implementation pitfalls as well as customer-specific scenarios that led to delays and challenges—and how to overcome them.



Sustain & Grow: Taking your VC to the next level

Dennis Pickett, Multi-Media Component Manager, Boeing & Mark Pitts, Senior Analyst, Southwest Airlines

Attend this client panel to see how Boeing and Southwest Airlines started with Visual Communications, what they've done since they started and where they see themselves going with Visual Communications.



Forward Thinking: How to Maintain Your Humanity in a Digital World?

Aaron Bach - VP of Software Development, Four Winds Interactive

How do you stay productive with all sorts of disctractions? How do you use technology to augment your life, not replace your life? 



UX Design Workshop

Natalie Dedin - Designer and Joe McElliot - Designer, Four Winds Interactive
In this session, members of the FWI Digital Experience team will share a high level overview of UX best practices and how to apply them in a design studio exercise to gain a better idea of the client perspective and direction.

FWI - Dali


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Breakout Session #5 - INDUSTRY FOCUS GROUPS

Get together and share best practices, tips and tricks and lessons learned with attendees in the same industry as you! This session will be moderated but the topics and stories will be determined by you!
















Thursday, October 12

Experiential Sessions


Denver Signage Tour

Join us for a tour of local implementations to see a variety of Visual Communications applications that span multiple industries and learn how other organizations use our platform. At the end of the tour, your guides will wrap it all up at a nearby pub for good eats and cold drinks!



Products, services, Experts, Oh my!  

Welcome to Welton

Hardware Operations Update
Gain insight into upcoming hardware products and a number of focused best practices that are critical to the successful deployment of your Visual Communications solution and its long–term management.

Experiential Sessions

Vendor and Services Showcase: FWI and Vendors

Learn about the various FWI services available to you and meet with vendors to see some of the most cutting edge technology in the market.

Ask the Experts

Get your questions answered by an expert. From selecting the right applications to working through a specific challenge, these pros have you covered. Be sure to come prepared with plenty of questions!

Product Showcase
Learn about FWI's roadmap and latest and greatest products and releases.  Plus, get a chance to speak to members of the product team to learn more about the product roadmap.

Brews and Bites

You can’t leave Denver without a beverage from one of our local breweries! Have a drink, enjoy some lunch and get those last few networking moments under your belt before departing the 2017 Forward Conference!